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Travel with a pinch of pixie dust

At Shadow Kissed Travel, we love to travel as much as you do. You want a fun, chill time - or add a bit of thrill? How about a sprinkle of fairy dust? We're all about experiencing the magic, all over the world and whatever that magic is to you!

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Walk in their footsteps.

Find yourself in the sets and locations from movies, TV series and books you love. Head off on a story lovers trip of a lifetime, walking in the footsteps of your favourite characters.

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Holiday on the high seas.

Experience the wonders of the world from the luxury of a deck chair and travel while you sleep. With a myriad of dining and entertainment options there's something for everyone.

Magic in every moment.

Whether it is a day with the family, watching the shows, meeting the characters and riding the rides, a romantic trip or a solo fun day, a day at a theme park is a magical day for all!


Amongst the

Get your dose of pop culture, cosplay and celebrities at one of the many comic or pop culture conventions around the world.  A weekend (or week) well spent!

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