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Top 7 Shadowhunters filming locations

The Shadowhunters TV show may have finished but I’m honestly not ready to let it go. I love the books and the *cough*movie*cough*, so the show was a great way to delve deeper (even if it didn’t stick to the storyline all that well). While the show it set in New York City and follows the exploits of the Shadowhunters of the New York Institute and Downworlders, the show was actually filmed in Ontario, Canada, specifically around the Toronto area.

Here are the Top 7 filming locations around Toronto for the Shadowhunters TV show.

1. Hillside Gardens – Flashback Pond

The beautiful Hillside Ornamental Gardens, part of High Park in Toronto, is a lovely place to take in the wonders of manicured gardens and calming water features. This garden was the location for a flashback scene in the very first episode when young Clary is attacked by a water creature and Jocelyn has to show her Shadowhunter abilities to fend it off. For more information on the Hillside Gardens and High Park, visit their website.

2. Toybox Nightclub – Pandemonium

While filming of Shadowhunters was happening, this location was named Uniun Nightclub. It has since closed and was taken over by a new nightlife attraction, Toybox. The location itself is an old factory that was repurposed as a nightclub space. The nightclub was home to Pandemonium where Clary spends her 18th birthday and witnesses Jace, Alec and Izzy vanquish a shape-shifting demon. It is also where the warlocks are escaping to safety through Magnus’ portal. For more information on Toybox, visit their website.

3. Metropolitan United Church – The Institute

The majestic church in the heart of Toronto, has been serving the local community for over 200 years. The congregation’s progressive approach to worship has made it a welcoming place for all. The church stands sentry as the exterior of the New York Institute in the first few episodes. For more information on the Metropolitan United Church, visit their website.

4. The George – Greenpoint Antiquities

While Shadowhunters was filming, this location was an antiques gallery. It is currently closed and under construction and will open soon as The George, a boutique hotel and high-end restaurant. It was the location for Greenpoint Antiquities and the Fray apartment. For more information on the George and construction, visit their website.

5. Allan Gardens – Battery Park Greenhouse

The Allan Gardens in Toronto sprawl over 16,000 square feet and is comprised of parkland and indoor botanical gardens with six greenhouses. The gardens and indoor conservatory serve as the Battery Park Greenhouse, both exterior and interior, where many major conversations and plot points take place during the series. For more information on the gardens, visit the website.

6. Chorley Park – Central Park Bridge

This quiet 5-hectare park is a great place for a picnic under a mature tree canopy and in the wonders of nature. Chorley Park was used for both the Bridge entrance to the Seelie Realm, and the woods in the Seelie Realm itself. For more information on the park, visit their website.

7. Casa Loma – Adamant Citadel

The majestic castle is one of Toronto’s top tourist attractions. The castle and grounds boast extensive gardens and a commitment to preserving history within its walls. There is also a steakhouse and many events are held throughout the year. During filming, Casa Loma became the Adamant Citadel, the home of the Iron Sisters. For more information on the castle, visit their website.

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