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Theme park spotlight: Warner Bros. Movie World

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Warner Bros. Movie World, "Hollywood on the Gold Coast", is the only film-based theme park in Australia and the oldest Warner Bros. park worldwide. The park opened in Oxenford, Queensland to the public on 3 June 1991 (they will celebrate their 30th anniversary this year!). The current rides, boasting seven thrill rides, are high on top 10 lists for tallest, longest, fastest, and steepest rides.

Movie World is my favourite theme park in Australia. I live on the other side of the country but the Gold Coast is one of my family's favourite holiday destinations. I've been visiting the GC for nearly 30 years and it never gets old, I experience new things each time in different stages of my life. Out of all of the theme parks in the area (the Gold Coast has 5!) Warner Bros. Movie World is definitely my favourite. I am a huge fan of big thrill rides, parades, and immersive theming and this park has all of that in spades!

Twists and Loops and Thrills

Warner Bros. Movie World boasts seven thrill rides, and eight family and children's rides, plus seven shows (as of January 2021). All of the kid's rides, including opening day ride, Speedy Gonzales Tijuana Taxis, along with some of the family rides are all found in the Kids' WB Fun Zone, located to the back of the park off the right end of the Main Street Precinct. The remaining family ride, Justice League 3D - The Ride is located in the DC Comics superhero hub to the right of the main entrance.

Also located in the DC Comics superhero hub is three of the max thrill rollercoasters, Superman Escape; an accelerator coaster from Intamin that reaches a speed of 0-100km/h in 2 seconds, the Green Lantern Coaster; an El Loco coaster from S&S Worldwide that holds the record for Australia's steepest drop and the third steepest in the world at 120.5 degrees, and the newest coaster DC Rivals HyperCoaster; a hypercoaster from Mack Rides, the longest (1.4kms), tallest (61.6m lift hill) and fastest (max speed of 115.1km/hr) rollercoaster in the Southern Hemisphere. You can even ride it backwards! These coasters are joined by the Batwing Spaceshot, a Space Shot ride from S&S Power that reaches a speed of 72km/h as it launches you up to a height of 57.6m.

The remaining three thrill rides are located throughout the park. The Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster: Next Generation, an indoor Wild Mouse coaster by Mack Rides is located in the Main Street precinct. The Doomsday Destroyer, an Intamin Suspended Twin Hammer ride is located in the new DC Comics Super-Villains Unleashed precinct, a fully interactive area where guests can help escaped villains using RFID wristbands. And finally the oldest thrill ride at Movie World, Wild West Falls Adventure Ride, formally known as Wild Wild West, a log flume ride from Hopkins Rides, is located towards the back left end of the park in the Wild West Precinct.

Are you not entertained?

Rides not your thing? There's still loads to do for a day at WB Movie World. If you love experiencing a bit of a thrill but don't want to actually be on a ride, the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 show might be for you. You sit safely in the stands and witness amazing feats of stunt driving, from fast speeds, high jumps, and even explosions!

For a tamer experience, there are lots of pop-up shows around the place, as well as the 4D Roxy Cinema! And of course, what would a day at a theme park be without character meet and greets!? Get up close and personal with your favourite Looney Tunes, Warner Bros. characters, and DC superheroes and villains throughout the park. The Main Street parade runs a couple of times a day and is always a great way to see the characters and get in on the party!

Throughout the year, Warner Bros. Movie World holds special events based on different holidays. White Christmas is held around... you guessed it, Christmas, Fright Nights are held in October around Halloween and DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains is generally held over the New Year period. All have their own special theming and unique touches around the park.

But Muuuuuum... I'm Hungry!

Kids ready for a break and need a bite to eat? You can bring food into the park but there are many places to grab a bite to eat or a cool (or hot) drink throughout the park. One of my favourite places to eat is either Gotham City Cafe, a quick-service eatery where you can get awesome burgers or Dirty Harry Bar and Grill, a sit-down restaurant for a more hearty meal. If you're just looking for a coffee, head to Vanilla Bean in Main Street, a 'Starbucks-style' coffee house that has great coffee and amazing frappes!

Show me the money!

So, how much will a day at Movie World set you back? While only you can determine your budget, I can comment on the cost of entry.

  • Single Day Pass: $99/child or pensioner

If you will be in the area for more than one day/or want to visit more than one Village Roadshow park (including Wet 'n' Wild or Sea World), I recommend a multi-pass

  • Three Day Pass: (unlimited entry to 3 parks over 3 consecutive days): $159/person

  • Village Roadshow Super Pass plus Paradise Country (Unlimited entry for 7 days to 4 Parks): $169/person

  • Village Roadshow Mega Pass (Four Parks, 14 Days Admission): $219/person

  • Village Roadshow One Pass (Unlimited entry to 4 Parks for 12 Months): $245/person


Warner Bros. Movie World Fact Card

Facts and Figures

Theme Park Name: Warner Bros. Movie World

Address: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland 4210 Australia

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-8pm (changing to 9.30am-5pm, 17 Jan-28 Feb 2021)

Opening Date: 3 June 1991

Theme Park Group: Village Roadshow Theme Parks

Attractions and Rides

Precincts: Five (5) - Main Street, DC Comics superhero hub, DC Comics Super-Villians Unleashed, Wild West, Kids' WB Fun Zone

Thrill Rides: Seven (7)

Family and Children's Rides: Eight (8)

Shows: Seven (7)

Events: Four (4)

Maximum Thrill Rides

DC Rivals HyperCoaster Entry

DC Rivals HyperCoaster

Opening Date: 22 Sep 2017

Manufacturer: Mack Rides

Ride Type: HyperCoaster

Height: 61.6m (202.1ft)

Max. Speed: 115.1km/h (71.5m/h)

Length: 1.4km (4,593.2ft)

Decline Angle: 85 degrees

G-Force: 4.3

Green Lantern Coaster

Opening Date: 23 Dec 2011

Manufacturer: S&S Worldwide

Ride Type: El Loco Coaster

Height: 33m (108ft)

Max. Speed: 66km/h (41m/h)

Length: 488m (1,601ft)

Decline Angle: 120.5 degrees

G-Force: 3.5

Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

Opening Date: 26 Dec 1998

Manufacturer: Hopkins Rides

Ride Type: Super Log Flume

Height: 35m (115ft)

Max. Speed: 70km/h (43m/h)

Ride Time: 6 minutes

Final Drop: 20m (65.6ft)

Superman Escape

Opening Date: 26 Dec 2005

Manufacturer: Intamin

Ride Type: Accelerator Coaster

Height: 40m (130ft)

Max. Speed: 0-100km/hr in 2 secs (0-62m/h)

Length: 760m (2,490ft)

Decline Angle: 90 degrees

G-Force: 4.2 & -1

Duration: 1 minute 40 seconds

Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster: Next Generation

Opening Date: 17 Jun 2001

Manufacturer: Mack Rides

Ride Type: Inside Wild Mouse

Height: 17m (56ft)

Max. Speed: 44.6km/h (27.7m/h)

Length: 530m (1,740ft)

Drop: 10m (33ft)

G-Force: 2.4

Duration: 4 minutes 13 seconds

Batwing Spaceshot

Opening Date: 20 Dec 2006

Manufacturer: S&S Power

Ride Type: Space Shot

Height: 61m (200ft)

Max. Speed: 64km/h (40m/h)

G-Force: 4

Duration: 50 seconds

Doomsday Destroyer

Opening Date: Sep 2016

Manufacturer: Intamin

Ride Type: Suspended Twin Hammer

Height: 21m (68.8ft)

Speed: 10rpm

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