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Where anyone can be anything – Zootopia-land opening at Shanghai Disney Resort!

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the land of opportunity that is Zootopia, you will soon have the chance! By the end of 2023, Shanghai Disney Resort will be the new home of Zootopia, where you can join Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and other colourful characters as they eat, shop, and fight crime in their home. Check out the first-look sneak peeks that Disney Parks have released so far below!

Zootopia land concept rendering

Zootopia: Hot Pursuit

This new, thrilling ride will have you joining the ZPD as a rookie police officer as the town is gearing up for a very special Zootopia Day celebration, featuring a performance by none other than Gazelle! Suddenly, the entire police force is told that Gazelle has been kidnapped! Be back up to Office Hopps and Nick Wilde on a wild police chase to hunt down the kidnappers, through the iconic terrains of Zootopia – Tundra Town, Sahara Square, Mystic Springs Oasis, and the Rainforest District. This high-speed chase will have your first day on the Force one to remember!

Fun character interactions

Visit the Zootopia Recruitment Station and grab a selfie with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. Catch a glimpse of many of your favourite characters, including Fru Fru and her father Mr. Big, along with Koslov the polar bear, Flash the sloth, Yax the yak, Duke Weaselton the weasel, and even the Hopps family who appear to interact amongst themselves (and sometimes even with you!) throughout the day from the windows of Zootopia’s beautifully iconic buildings.

Shopping and dining

What better way to complete your visit to Zootopia than with some fun food and great shopping?! Sample all the food and beverage options at Jumbeaux’s Café – where you find all the goodies you’ve seen in the movies! Paw-shaped popsicles, Chocolate Marshmallows to fuel your park adventures, or try Officer Clawhauser’s favourite donuts!

After satisfying your taste buds, why not indulge in a little shopping? Head into Fashions by Fru Fru, owned by resident fashionista, Fru Fru, which is right by the entrance of Mane Street. Shop for the perfect gifts for family and friends amongst hundreds of different themed products including the Zootopia Cute collection as well as fun new headwear, apparel, accessories and more. Inside the store, you’ll also find two special areas themed after Yax and Duke Weaselton.

How exciting are these sneak peeks?! The Zootopia movie was so much fun, I can’t wait to find out more about this fun land.

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