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A new species of rollercoaster

Its top speed is faster than the freeway, there are no breaks and you’ll come face-to-face with dinosaurs.

The Jurassic World VelociCoaster is a whole new species of rollercoaster.

From the moment you step into the queue to your probably wobbly exit, this is not just a ride, it’s an experience.

VelociCoaster rollercoaster in forefront with Jurassic Park and Hogwarts Castle in the background.
VelociCoaster. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando Resort

The back story

The setting for this ride is shortly before the events of the first Jurassic World film. The development of the Indominus Rex has been greenlit but there have been some hiccups and the exhibit has been delayed. The Velociraptors are beginning to show signs of intelligence and responding to Owen Grady’s commands, Claire Dearing has designed a new ride for the park – a rollercoaster in the middle of the Velociraptor paddock!

Close up view of Velociraptor eye.
Get up close to the dinosaurs. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando

The queue

The queue moves through the lobby of the paddock where you’ll see a sculpture of the four star Raptors – Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie. You’ll also watch a safety message by Mr DNA. As you move through the lobby, you’re less than a meter from the 112km/h launch – you’ll feel the air change and hear the screams as the coaster whizzes past.

From there you’ll move into the Raptor Stable. Here you’ll come face-to-face with Delta and Echo. As you move through the stable, you’ll get more views of the coaster as it moves along the track. Here, you’ll watch a safety briefing from Claire. Before you get loaded onto the ride, you’ll also get a warning from Owen.

The ride

This unique rollercoaster is the fastest and tallest launch coaster in Florida. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that shouldn’t be missed. You’ll go upside down four times… all with only a lap bar to keep you in place.

As you follow Blue, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and their friends out of the enclosure, you’re launched from 0 to 80km/h in 2 seconds before heading into turns, loops, and dives that bring you terrifyingly close to rocks and dinosaurs! After a second launch that propels you from 64km/h to 110km/h, you head up the massive 47m hill – and then down the other side, straight into more turns and dives. The ride finishes with a tight barrel roll before you head back to the enclosure. This coaster is millions of years in the making and doesn’t disappoint.

VelociCoaster train on final overbanked turn before heading into the station.
Heading back to the station. Photo courtesy of Universal Orlando.

Fun facts

  • VelociCoaster has no brakes until it’s over.

  • VelociCoaster is the fastest roller coaster at any Universal park.

  • VelociCoaster does not slow down – it actually speeds up, the second half of the ride is faster than the first, and it maintains some of its fastest speeds all the way to the final brakes.

  • VelociCoaster will have more extreme airtime than any other coaster at Universal, it’s all about speed, airtime, and direction changes. This airtime will be experienced not only right-side-up, but also upside down, and even sideways.

  • There are several inversions on this ride that are not experienced on any other Universal coaster:

    • A dive loop where you rotate upside down while floating in your seat before diving down to the ground

    • An inverted stall where you quickly flip upside down and are weightless in your seat while navigating 30m of inverted track

    • A one-of-a-kind high-speed barrel roll is taken at around 80km/h where you roll upside down 360 degrees only a few feet from the surface of the lagoon

  • The overlook window in the loading platform is modelled directly from the Indominus Rex paddock. Details like the light fixtures are identical.

The important stuff

  • Height restriction: 130cm (51")

  • Single Rider line: Available

  • Universal Express Pass: Not available

  • Lockers: Available and required - no loose items

  • Child swap: Available

The stats for the coaster geeks

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