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No hope. Just survival – Fright Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World

Here in Australia, Halloween isn’t the biggest holiday we celebrate but it is growing in popularity, especially at theme and amusement parks around the country.

Enter Fright Nights, the separately ticketed annual Halloween extravaganza at Warner Bros. Movie World, located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Now in its 17th year, it’s a terrifying staple on the theme park’s event calendar! On select nights in October, you can feel the fear in four frightening precincts, five horrifying mazes, and eight chilling panic rooms. You’ll also get to ride some of the biggest and baddest rides in the park after the sun has set. With roving scare actors and hellish live entertainment, you’re in for the fright of your life! Check out a promo below (please note... it can be pretty graphic and a little scary - you've been warned)

(c) Warner Bros. Movie World Fright Nights


Get into the Halloween mood with four immersive and terrifying precincts filled with entertainment and roaming scare actors to keep you scared.

Inferno Precinct

As you walk down Main Street, you’ll experience intense scares and non-stop horror action as murderers, monsters, and psychopaths flooding the streets.

Hellbillies Precinct

The Wild West is transformed into a terrifying back woods area known for their devastating moonshine… and even more devastating locals. They don’t like city slickers messing with their business… so don’t hang around too long, they might have you for dinner…

Killer Klownz Precinct

A Halloween event wouldn’t be complete without killer clowns, so of course, Warner Bro’s Movie World filled an entire area with them. The psychotic Murder Clowns are always looking for friends to join them… forever.

Maze Hub

In this area you’ll find four mazes – including the popular The Conjuring Universe maze and Death Row maze. If you’re after the ultimate scare experience – this is where you need to be!

For the wimps – Safe Zones

While not official precincts, this seemed like the best place for this. If you find yourself needing a break from the scares or need to catch your breath and regroup, you can find scare-free safe zones located near DC Rivals HyperCoaster, Superman Escape and behind the DC Super-Villains Unleashed precinct.


For the ultimate scare experience, the horror mazes are the places for you. With 5 themed mazes, there’s something for everyone – from DC superheroes to The Conjuring.

DCeased Maze

Based on the #1 best selling comic series, this maze will take you into the horrors of Darkseid’s anti-life equations. Will the Justice League be able to save humanity from this virus that turns humans into zombies via their computer screens… or will they be the ones to end humanity altogether?

Circurse Maze

Rumours surround the now condemned and rotting remains of The Sable Bros. Smile Time Circus. Stories tell of survivors of the vicious attack that ended the circus are still lurking in the ruins, led by Sir Smiles-a-lot, now a deranged clown. Will you be the next volunteer for his big act, or will it be your finale?

Hellship Maze

In the wreck of the Dark Star cruise liner, just off the Bermudan coast, the world’s largest ruby, the Deamones Cor, waits. The Devil’s Heart, once owned by the Baroness Ulrich, is said to have the power to open a portal to Hell. You’ll need to resist the Devil’s Heart’s lure, and the Baroness’s promises of unlimited power if you hope to survive.

The Conjuring Maze

This will be the final year this maze graces us with its terrifying presence, so don’t miss out! Step into the shoes of the Warrens as you relive some of the most horrifying moments from The Conjuring Universe. Vengeful spirits live within the walls, keep your hands to yourself as you navigate, otherwise there's no promising you won't be the next victim to possession.

Death Row Maze

Another crowd favourite returning for its final year. Kings Grave Penitentiary was the closest thing to hell on earth, with its twisted and sadistic inmates and secrets behind every wall. Now a long-abandoned building, the only access is through a crack in the concrete wall. Thrill seekers and teens love to explore the rotting prison – but many don’t come out alive.


You know me, I’m a thrill ride junkie. Warner Bros. Movie World has some of the best rollercoasters and thrill rides I’ve seen so far. One thing I love more than riding a coaster, is riding it at night! In addition to the mazes during Fright Nights, you’ll also be able to ride six of the biggest and baddest rides the theme park has to offer!

Escape a mine before it blows on the Wild West Falls Adventure Ride, join Batman into space on the Batwing Spaceshot, have fun with Super-Villains aboard the Doomsday Destroyer, take on one of the steepest inverted drops in the Southern Hemisphere on the Green Lantern Coaster, escape from the collapsing MRT on Superman Escape, or experience the tallest, longest, and fastest HyperCoaster in the Southern Hemisphere - DC Rivals Hypercoaster (my favourite ride).

Entertainment and Food

In addition to the major thrills of rides and mazes, you’ll find even more excitement and entertainment throughout the park. The Gatekeeper’s horde are excited to welcome you and ready to unleash their terror. The Ghoul Guides are on their way to their annual Murder Spree Jamboree but have found themselves stranded and ready to kill. On the main stage, you’ll be treated to some hellishly good live music from The Wrath, and some spinning tunes from the deadliest DJ around.

Dying for a bite? Fright Nights 2023 will have you covered! Indulge in a sinful range of delicious treats, meals, and drinks from a selection of food outlets, bars and stalls throughout the park. You can even pre-purchase a couple of options online before you come – for a discount!

  • Slaughterhouse Stack: $24 – Open faced burger, loaded with minced beef pattie, sliced & diced potato chips, chopped onion, bacon, chicken tenderloin with a lashing of cheesy sauce & spicy mayo. PLUS includes Fright Nights tumbler with bottomless soft drink refills all night!

  • Splatter Platter: $49 – This super-sized spread for 2 includes chicken wings & sauces, crumbed fish fingers, corn chips & dips, and hot seasoned chips. Plus enjoy 2 x soft drink, beer or wine!

Panic Rooms

With an extra horror level, get locked in and solve the clues to get out. Free yourself in 20 minutes… or it might be the last thing you try. Panic rooms are an ‘upgrade’ experience and require a separate booking at an additional cost. You will have a maximum of 30-minutes to get through the experience. Cost is from $125 for up to 6 players and a minimum of 2 players.

With 8 terrifying panic rooms, there’s something for everyone. Choose from escaping a childish and dangerous spirit in The Conservatory, finding The Antidote for what possesses the evil Apothecary, surviving the haunted Train of Terror, disrupting a hellish reanimation ritual in the Cursed Tomb, fleeing the ‘safety’ of your prison after your Vampyre’s Awakening, finding a way out alive so you don’t become another Murder in the Morgue, getting out of the woods before you become victim to Satan’s Coven, or aborting a nuclear attack from the Fallout Shelter. Are you up to the challenge?

Dates and times

Fright Nights at Warner Bros. Movie World takes place on select Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights during October 2023. Event dates are: Fri 6th, Sat 7th, Fri 13th (fitting right!), Sat 14th, Fri 20th, Sat 21st, Thu 26th, Fri 27th, and Sat 28th. The event runs from 6-11pm, with rides closing at 10pm. Your Fright Nights ticket allows you access to the park from 4.30pm, so you can enjoy the full park before the terror starts at 6pm.

Tickets and upgrades

There are multiple ticket options to make the most of your experience:

  • General Admission: from $89. This gives you one entry to the event and is date-specific

  • Season Pass: $499. With this pass you’ll get unlimited entry to any event date.

  • Village Roadshow Locals One Pass + Fright Nights Admission: from $299. This pass is only for Queensland residents and gives you unlimited access to all Village Roadshow parks during normal hours for 1 year, plus one date-specific entry to Fright Nights.


To add a little something extra to your frightful night, there are a few upgraded experiences you can add to your ticket! You will still need an event ticket to be able to use these add ons.

  • Under Ground Club: from $75pp – If you dare, enter the new Under Ground Club presented by Radio Metro. With your club ticket you’ll get exclusive entertainment, DJs and 2 bar beverages of your choice!

  • Fast Track – Mazes & Rides: $199pp – this add-on will give you one Fast Track entry to all five mazes, access to exclusive bonus rooms in the 3 new mazes, and to each of the rides (excluding Wild West Falls Adventure Ride, and Batwing Spaceshot)

  • Fast Track – Mazes: $149pp – this add-on will give you one Fast Track entry to all five mazes, and access to exclusive bonus rooms in the 3 new mazes.

  • Midway Games Fright Nights Combo: $35/combo – this add-on gives you a go on each available carnival game at Midway Games.

  • Panic Rooms: $125/room – this will give you and up to five friends (or victims) to one panic room. Room, date, and time slot is chosen at time of purchase.

This looks like loads of fun... even though I'm a wimp so this kind of Halloween event isn't for me. If this is your thing - make sure you don't miss out on experiencing the Conjuring and Death Row mazes for the last time, and all the new scares and thrills!

Fright Nights Disclaimer

Some locations make use of visual and audio effects, including strobe lights and may not be suitable for guests with a history of vertigo, epilepsy, seizures, claustrophobia, heart disorders and high blood pressure. For FAQs, visit the Fright Nights website.


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