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The shift from travel to experience

Updated: May 29, 2022

How to turn your next vacation into an experience worth remembering.

The shift from travel to experience

Now is the moment to embrace the experience of travel. Travel has become so much more than getting from A to B. It’s about adventure, unique experiences, and making memories.

In fact, more than three-quarters of Millennials say they’d rather spend their hard-earned cash on an experience rather than a product. They understand it’s the experiences and the things you do on your travels that you take away and remember.

We know travelers like you want to connect with people, places, and cultures more than ever before. Your thoughtful travel choices are more likely to focus on people, rather than simply destinations.

The great thing is that travel agents are perfectly placed to help you with just that. They’re experts in connecting you with authentic local experiences, throwing open the local communities that bring a destination to life, and ultimately curating a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime.

From booking last-minute seats at sell-out shows to recommending the best amusement parks, museums, and galleries, travel agents have the expertise to make it happen.

Create an end-to-end experience with your travel agent

In travel, the focus so often lingers on the destination itself, and it’s easy to overlook the experience as a whole—but it’s all those little moments knitting together that create something truly seamless and special.

A valet pick-up at the airport or a limo to your lunch date elevates the occasion. Arriving at a city’s top attraction in style and gliding past the line makes it all the sweeter. It’s all part of the experience.

You could ditch that crammed flight and travel by rail instead, watching the landscape, culture, and communities roll gently past your window. Or dig out that backpack and travel to your next destination like a local, jumping aboard local buses, taxis, trams, and ferries.

Here’s just a taste of the activities your travel agent can arrange for you:

  • A classic box for a Russian ballet performance in St. Petersburg

  • Haunted hotspots of Boston on a walking tour

  • Field-level New York Yankees experience and game tickets

  • Special-access skip-the-line passes to the catacombs in Paris

  • Pierogi-making class in Krakow

  • Pad Thai cooking experience in Bangkok

  • A sailing adventure in the Stockholm archipelago

  • Tubing down whitewater rapids in Bali

  • A camping trip into the Atacama Desert for some next-level stargazing

  • A shipwreck adventure on a glass-bottomed boat in the crystal-clear Barbuda waters

Everything is possible. Talk to us for ideas that go beyond the ordinary or let us make your ordinary just that bit better.

Save time, money, and hassle: Have your travel agent curate your experience

Travel agents like us are obsessed with travel—it’s why we do what we do. We can recommend the best attractions to add to your list (and advise what you should avoid). We know when you should arrive to beat the crowds. And–best of all–our local connections and personal touch mean we have insider knowledge of hidden gems you’d never find in your travel guide.

Tell your travel agent what you want, and they’ll do everything they can to turn your dreams into a reality.

And if you’re struggling for ideas or ways to create your amazing trip, your travel agent will listen to you and use your personality, your budget, your likes, and your dislikes to curate an exciting list of adventures, just for you. They’ll almost certainly be able to suggest experiences you’ve never even thought of.

And to make it even better, your travel agent takes care of all the boring stuff, like booking tickets and calculating timings. While you’re away, they’re also in your corner to sort out any potential hiccups, so you can just relax and enjoy yourself.

Travel agents have access to travel experiences all around the world. Speaking for ourselves, we can access more than 200,000 activities, attractions, and adventures across thousands of destinations.

We also offer flexible payment, so you have the option to pre-pay in your own currency for most of your vacation, which helps you stick to your budget. With everything booked and paid for, there’s no need for you to worry about arranging things to do while you’re away.

With e-tickets, barcodes, and all travel documents neatly organized and ready to use—thanks to your travel agent—your seamless experience begins the moment you leave home, so while everyone else is waiting in line or scrambling for paperwork, forgetting they’re meant to be stress-free, you indulge in true serenity and instant vacation mode.

Enjoy a trip packed with experiences you’ll never forget

Travel is about so much more than a flight or a drive from point A to B. It’s about so much more than the accommodation, too. (Though travel agents help with both). The best trips are a delight filled with exciting, unique, and indulgent experiences that bring a destination to life. They’re about dream moments that stay in your memory for a lifetime. We know how to make those memories worth every penny by taking on the planning, so you can focus on the doing.

Get in touch now to turn your next trip into an experience worth remembering—your vacation mode is just around the corner.

Start planning your travel experience today! Contact Shadow Kissed Travel now.

This guide was created with the support of Expedia TAAP © 2021

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