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Cruising on the high seas

Updated: May 29, 2022

My first ever cruise! We (my mum, grandparents and I) travelled to New Zealand on the Sun Princess from Sydney in April 2015. This will be about the experiences aboard the ship itself.

The Sun Princess was amazing. From the moment we stepped onboard, to the moment we disembarked. The seas between Australia and New Zealand were a little rocky, which made it hard to walk around sometimes – however I had the best sleep of my life on that boat. The rocking (once I got over the queasy belly) sent me right off. If you know me, you’ll know that’s practically impossible.


Because it was a short cruise the entertainment wasn’t as varied as it would be on a trip with more stops. Plus, because it was so rocky sometimes, the dancers couldn’t really perform on some nights, as the risk of injury was too high, so we had repeats. The trivia was fun with a different topic each night – I realised my general knowledge was lacking! There was movies on the deck, but it was too cold to stay out for the whole movie unfortunately. It was fun though, laying out on pool lounges snuggled up in blankets with a bottle of wine. There was a cinema inside as well and theatres for all manner of things. We watched an Elton John review, movies, lectures on maritime history, and much more.


The food… oh the food! It was absolutely incredible! We had lobster, so much seafood, snails, chicken in so many different ways… and don’t even get me started on the desserts! I could honestly talk about the desserts for ever. I recommend chocolate mousse. Always haha. Another thing I recommend, if you’re a coffee lover, get the coffee card. It’s about $35 if I remember correctly. It saved us from having to drink the drip coffee that’s included, and we got tea for free, and all barista coffees and hot chocolates were included on the card. I think it was 10 coffees per card. The cocktails were amazing too!


As we were there over Easter, they had a display of Easter eggs in the Atrium. It was a huge display and they were all made of chocolate! Make sure you remember a couple of formal outfits for the formal nights – we had two. You don’t have to go to the dining room, but it was really nice to be waited on! 📷 We had professional photos taken before we boarded, and on the formal nights. They’re still on display in our house, we absolutely love them.

It was an incredible experience and we got to see so many places in New Zealand. I’ll post about the specific destinations in future posts.

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